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Handling my handmade books will connect you to the universe - they are all made with a deep curiosity and respect for the world we inhabit. Each book is unique, designed often with my own illustrations, and hand made.

    About Modestly    

Modestly at Etsy is where I sell my handmade books and greeting cards, and a small selection of other products. A new range of high quality watercolour prints has been added.  I think handmade creates connection – between the commissioner, the maker and the recipient. It is as though it has imbibed love – much like houses do, we have all felt the difference between houses that have been filled with love, and those that are just places to function in. It may be strange, and somehow difficult to quantify, but it is real.  


Watercolour paper prints

These prints are currently unavailabe because of COVID19 -  due to packaging difficulties. I apologise for any inconvenience and hope to re instate them soon.


Print on Demand sites like Society6 and Redbubble make it easy for you to buy products to wear or to decorate your home with that are printed with my unique designs.  They make great stuff - I gift them to friends and family - and you will not see them on the high street.  The links are in the menu at the top of the web page and show examples too, to give you a flavour.  Have a browse at the eclectic collection available there - the product range is different, and that is why I offer my designs to both places.  Go wild!!

Surface design on products


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